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The Sports Betting Champ System

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Reviewer: Gavin Lightshock
Leagues: MLB, NBA, NFL
Type of System: Sports Betting
Win Rate: 97%
Date: 07-24-14 10:38pm

If you don`t know the name John Morrison then you might want to go back to Sports Betting grade school and study up some more. If you do know who he is then you`ll be quite excited to know that he has made a sports betting system that is being lauded as one of the best the industry has ever seen.
In case you don`t know who John Morrison is, then let`s take you back to school real quick.

John Morrison is what you could call a sports fanatic, not that this in and of itself is very unique or special. Mr. Morrison does, however, have a Ph.D. in statistics and you can rest assured knowing that he`s used this knowledge and expertise in the sports betting world. Now he`s passing it along to Joe Regular with his new system called The Sports Betting Champ.

Unlike many other systems out there, Mr. Morrison has managed to create one that predicts winners in all three of the major professional sporting leagues: The NBA, MLB and NFL. While Mr. Morrison`s success in the NFL is still better than most experts out there (63%), his system is most well-known for its success predicting the NBA and MLB (97%). Practically everyone who has tried out The Sports Betting Champ has praised it as the next best thing in sports betting and it`s with good reason as this is perhaps the most perfect way to put it.

Most other sports betting services tend to suggest you bet on practically every single game that`s played and this is one of the biggest reasons so many of these services are so inconsistent with their winners. With The Sports Betting System, Mr. Morrison has ensured that you will only bet on the games that come along that offer some kind of value and this is the biggest reason his win percentages are so amazing. The man has discipline!

One of the things that Mr. Morrison also stresses is to always keep your emotions out of your bets. Thankfully, you can do this quite easily with The Sports Betting Champ. You only bet on games that the system tells you that you should bet on - no matter how likely or unlikely you think they are to win.

Another reason The Sports Betting Champ is so highly regarded is that it`s incredibly simple. You don`t have to bury yourself in statistics and formulas in order to get your picks. Mr. Morrison has kindly used his Ph.D. in statistics and done that for us. All of the potential picks are e-mailed to you the night before so you can have time to get your bets in, relax and worry about what you`re going to spend your winnings on.
Out of about 2,500 games in the season total, The Sports Betting Champ will suggest you to bet on about 70 of them. These games are the safe bets, the ones that have value and most importantly, the ones that are going to win. You should adjust and plan out your betting funds accordingly.

Just when you thought that was enough, there`s more! The Sports Betting Champ kindly offers a full money back guarantee to help put your worries to rest and show you that John Morrison means business. How many other sports betting systems offer money back guarantees? That`s right - practically none of them. Mr. Morrison is confident in his system and to show it he`s offering this money back guarantee. He ensures you that if you`re not making any money with his system than to simply tell him and he will refund all of your money - GUARANTEED!

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Name: Doug
Date: 06-21-09 6:18pm
I like this system, i bought it a few months ago, you can tell there is alot of work put into the picks.

Name: Graham at listerinfo.net
Date: 08-24-09 4:20pm
Ive gotten the system as well, and i didnt like the fact that i was restricted to fewer matches. How ever, the system works very nicely.

Name: George from texas tech
Date: 09-15-09 3:11pm
Does anyone know if its guaranteed? thanks george

Name: Chris Simpson
Date: 12-27-09 7:38pm
How does the throttling work, is it alot less? How does the prime pick type of system work? thank you all

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